I Made It – April 14, 2010…

14 04 2011

On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, I completed the task I had set myself, my first long distance bicycle tour, by arriving in southwest Denver at about 5:30 PM. I had ridden about 48 miles from Salida to Fairplay, where I was given a ride to Denver, about 65 more miles. All I had to do now was get to Aurora on the east side of town, where Andi and Darryl would pick me up, another 13 miles or so.

April 14, 2010…

Leaving Salida, CO…

Here is an audio post of my thoughts as I began what became my last day on the road. I had no idea this would be the case as I headed north, out of Salida, that morning.

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Downtown Salida–­who knew they had one?

As I leave Salida this morning this is the view that greets me.

At the time, I was so focused on simply reaching my destination, it didn’t really sink in that I’d done it. I was excited, yes, but also ambivilant; I’d made it home – the trip was over, except for that little matter of the 13 miles to the east side of town.

Had I cheated myself by hitching that last ride out of the mountains? Well, as it turned out, I’d avoided a nasty snow storm in the mountains over the next two days. What would I do with myself if I wasn’t riding every day? I’d ride around Aurora and Denver and I would look for a job. Plus, I would be spending time with two great friends – and I would be seeing my daughter soon, as well.

It’s odd but, focusing on such a serious challenge can become the complete focus of one’s life and, I’ll admit, no longer having that focus left me feeling a bit nonplussed.

As I look back on the adventure a year later, I’m stunned to realize I actually did it. I don’t think I could even begin such a trek today. Not physically, and certainly not mentally. I’m simply not in the right frame of mind. Too comfortable, I guess.

I can only say this, I hope this was not a one-time adventure, for I would truly like to be able to challenge myself in this way again someday.

Saddle Surfin’ on My Bianchi…

I think it appropriate, to mark the anniversary of my first long distance bike tour, to leave you with this; http://spokies.wordpress.com/, the link to another who has chosen to challenge herself with a similar adventure. Cherri is cycling the USA this year, and documenting it on WordPress. Give it a look. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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