New bar tape for my road bike…

22 08 2011

I just couldn’t take it anymore. The black tape I used when I replaced the original handlebars was soooooo boring. I had to get back to white.

We also got a little bit fancy with the electrical tape we used to finish it off. We figured hey, we have it, why not use it?

I really like the look of white handlebar tape. Of course, the big problem with using it is keeping it clean. This time I used Fizik Microtek tape, which is supposed to shed dirt all by itself – Hah – but is also easy to clean. We’ll see…

I think it looks very cool, don’t you?

Damn, what a gorgeous bicycle…again!


A Quick-Fix Guide to Fixing Your Bike…

16 08 2011

Here are some simple fixes to frequent, annoying problems for many cyclists. From, the website for Bicycling Magazine.

MHCG shop


Bright Light/Bike Light…

7 08 2011

I found, and thought to share, this comprehensive review of the Radbot 1000 Rear Light, at Good lighting for riding in low light conditions, including the dangerous dusk hours as well as night riding, is essential for any bike commuter; especially as the days become shorter.


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