My eBooks

I now have three self-published eBooks available at the Amazon Kindle Store. All three reflect my vocation and my passion. Two of them are about bicycles and cycling, while the third is about the basics of online marketing for small businesses. All of my eBooks sell for just $2.99, and are available for immediate download.

Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling

My first book, originally published a couple of years ago, RJBC #1 offers basic information about bikes and bike riding for those who wish to begin cycling, or who haven’t ridden in many years. It is a heartfelt effort to help others avoid or overcome many of the mistakes I made when I returned to cycling back in 2008. Chapters focus on types of bikes and their components, cycling safety, caring for your bike, cycling for exercise, and more.

Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling #2

Published last year at the request of many readers who enjoyed my first cycling eBook, RJBC #2 expands the knowledge base for beginning and returning cyclists of all ages and purposes; with chapters on seniors and cycling, bike commuting, family riding, bike touring, where and how to buy bikes and accessories, how to save money when buying a bike, and more.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Online Businesses

This, my third self-published eBook, brings together my 35 years of sales and marketing experience with four years of creating web copy and learning SEO for my clients. The eBook offers tips about online marketing and SEO for small businesses that will help them avoid many of the pitfalls and problems of creating a online presence for their business; things I had to learn to make my own internet businesses successful, many of which I also perform for my clients. The eBook includes chapters on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business, internet marketing strategies, affiliate marketing tips, and much more.

Free Kindle Reader Apps for All Digital Devices

One of the best things about offering eBooks through the Kindle store is – you don’t have to have a Kindle reader to enjoy them. In fact, I own a Nook eReader, so I read my Kindle books on my Android phone. And, the apps are FREE!

Did you know that you can buy and borrow Kindle books, as well as download free Kindle books, even if you don’t own a Kindle Reader? It’s true. All you have to do is download one of the many Free Kindle Reader Apps available for your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, laptop, or Android device, and you will be able to read anything Amazon has to offer for a Kindle reader.

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