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30 04 2010

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An inspiring touring blog…

30 04 2010

I just found a really great blog about bicycle touring. These folks, Tyler and Tara, really get it; better than I ever did. Their adventures, as well as their commitment to tour the world, by bicycle, is awe inspiring. Their writing and photography make me feel as if I’m travelling with them. Their story of saving two puppies in Romania is delightful.

Please, do yourself a favor and take a look at their blog. You won’t be disappointed.


A month to remember…

30 04 2010

April 2010 has been a memorable month for me. What with the move back to Colorado, not to mention the method I chose to get here: the pleasure of seeing familiar places and faces; the prospect of finding new employment; all from the saddle of my bike, April has been a month I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.

Today I would like to suggest to all of you that you can do the same for yourselves next month. You can make May 2010 the most memorable month of your life by joining the rest of the country in celebrating National Bike Month; National Bike to Work Week, May 17-21; or National Bike to Work Day, May 21. Simply by joining the ranks of bicycle commuters in May, for a day, a week, a month, you too can make a fundamental change to your life which, I believe, would add a real sense of joy and accomplishment to your month–and your life. Who knows, after trying a day or week of bicycle commuting, you may just become a true believer, cycling everywhere instead of using your motorized coffin instead.

Commuting by bicycle has many benefits, including: saves money, saves time, controls weight without dieting, energizes your morning, relaxes your evening, makes cycling a part of each day, frees the weekend, improves self-esteem, helps you train for cycling or other athletic events, opens your mind to other forms of riding, it is sooooo much fun!

Let me illustrate what might happen for you from my own life. Two years ago, due to circumstances largely beyond my control, I found myself without a car and with a nine mile commute to work, just as temperatures in Phoenix began to regularly reach 90 degrees. Walking was not an option and bus service in Phoenix is poor, at best.

My solution was to purchase a $75 Wal-mart special, and begin commuting by bicycle. Within two months it became clear that the bike could not handle the tub-of-lard I happened to be at the time. I then “upgraded” my ride to a $150 mountain bike from…Wal-mart. Once again, after a couple of months, I realized this too was not enough bike for me. However, I was having so much fun riding to and from work, and was loosing weight almost faster than I could keep track, so I decided to buy a real bike. I dropped $450 on a Giant Yukon mountain bike from my local bike shop, which I promptly began adapting for commuting, and very quickly fell in love with cycling once again. This is the same bike I rode from Phoenix to Denver.

I realize it sounds counter-intuitive, but a quality bicycle, set up properly for the rider, actually makes it easier to ride hard. Most people have no need, and could never do justice to, a bike such as Lance Armstrong would ride (and should probably never spend the $8-12,000 required to purchase one). However, for $450-1000, anyone can get a great bike to ride every day. A quality piece of equipment is a pure pleasure, and will actually save you money over driving just about anything motorized.

So, spend a little time cruising the web, using the sites below as well as any others you might find, and consider giving bike commuting a try. I never would have imagined myself doing so but, I had to, out of necessity. You, on the other hand, can do it as an indulgence instead, which just might make you even more delighted with your choice to give it a try.

To help you make the move to bicycle commuting, I’ve found a couple of great sites to help you plan and get started. The links to these sites are listed below.

http://www.roadbikerider.com/bc_excerpt.htm (Here, for $3.99, you can purchase an e-book with all the info you need to begin bicycle commuting safely and successfully.)

Pedal on, and enjoy…


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29 04 2010

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Lessons learned…

29 04 2010

I learned a few things on the ride to Colorado; things I thought I might share.

I learned I’m not “in shape.” Sure, I’ve been riding nearly every day for the last two years; commuting to work, riding for pleasure, riding to burn fat. I’ve lost a great deal of weight and I feel much better. However, I’m not what anyone would consider in shape. I need to do a great deal more structured riding before a trip like this to get myself into proper condition for such a challenging endeavor.

I learned I need to train for a ride like this. When I say training I mean a structured approach to riding which will emulate many of the challenges I would experience on a long distance ride.

I learned I need to do more climbing rides. I need to begin challenging myself with climbs regularly, rather than avoiding them. Pleasure rides are one thing. Training rides serve another purpose. I need to begin deliberately riding routes with more climbs in them, even on days when I ride to work (when I get a job, of course). I used to commute only five miles to work. I would regularly go in early to drop my work clothes, then ride another 15-20 miles before returning to cool down and get ready for work. I’ll have to begin adding climbs to those rides to strengthen my legs.

I learned I hate the wind when it’s in my face. I take a strong head wind very personally these days. I become truly offended when the wind slows me down.

I learned I love the wind when it’s at my back. God I love a good tail wind. Push, push push me baby; especially uphill!

I learned riding in a dust storm is more challenging than driving a car in one. Trying to out run a dust storm turns out to be not such a good idea.

I learned camping out is not always as fun at 55 as it was when I was 15. I woke up pretty sore on a few of those mornings. Need to get a better sleeping pad for future tours.

I learned I could overcome most, if not all of these things. I actually surprised myself with my ability to overcome some of the challenges I faced. I guess I’m a little bit toughter than I thought I was. I had bad days, sure. But I overcame them. Sometime with help, sometimes on my own, I overcame them. I’m proud of that and it allows me to believe I’ll be able to do something similar again.


New poll…

28 04 2010

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New iPadio Audio Post…

28 04 2010

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