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28 04 2010

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28 04 2010

Due to the problem with that commercial post to my blog last week, we had to make some changes to the security settings. As a result, todays iPadio audio post did not present as it usually does. Instead, we’ve established a link to the audio post below. Simply click the link to hear me once again.

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A nice ride…

28 04 2010

Had a nice ride yesterday. I decided it was time to surprise a friend I hadn’t seen in 13 years, so I rode 13 miles into Denver. It was great to see her again after so many years. Then, I just tooled around town a bit, looking and remembering. It all seemed so familiar, despite being gone for nine years.

Afterward, I rode home, allowing myself to try the bus system here for the last few miles. So, I rode about 24 miles yesterday, in beautiful spring weather, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s so amazing the difference in my behavior since I began riding. I never would have imagined, three or five or ten years ago, that I would hop on a bike and ride 24 miles round trip just to have a cup of coffee with a friend. I mean, I used to drive 200 yards to get the mail!!! What a lazy old slug I was.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that, after the ride, my body is recovering nicely and I’m back to pedalling wherever I need to go. Hope you enjoy your next ride as much as I enjoyed mine.


Reasons to quit…

28 04 2010

Hello all,

I’m asking for everyone’s help in this post. One of the lessons I learned from my ride to Colorado is that I need to quit smoking. However, I’m a stubborn nicotine addict, and I’m having trouble thinking of reasons to quit; one is definitely not enough. So, I’m asking all of you to offer up reasons, anything you can think of, to help inspire me to finally quit smoking.

Both of my parents smoked in our home when I was a child, and all five of my sisters either have smoked or still do. So, you know, it’s always been a kind of family bonding thing.

I began sneaking smokes from my mom’s pack when I was about thirteen, though it didn’t really become a part of my persona until I was about 21. Since then though, I’ve been a very committed smoker, averaging about three packs a day for 34 years.

In my drinking days, I would spend hours sitting in a bar drinking beer, flirting with any female who would allow me to, and chain-smoking, raising my daily numbers to the 5-6 pack level. Man, the money I’ve spent on beer and cigarettes would stagger the imaginations of some people (though a few of you, those who’ve sat there drinking and flirting and smoking with me, reading this know exactly what those numbers would be). So, to say that I have been a committed nicotine addict for a very long time seems like an understatement.

I am proud to say, however, that I have been able to reduce my nicotine consumption to about one, or one-and-a-half, packs a day since the ride. Believe me folks, that is big news for me.

Living in Phoenix, my main motivation for quitting, or at least reducing, the amount of smoking I did was the expense. I might pay up to eight bucks a pack down there. Here in Colorado though, they’re much cheaper. This is not a good thing. You see, when the expense of smoking is reduced, my will power quickly follows. It is still an expensive and nasty habit–er, addiction–but I must admit, even that is not enough to make me quit something I’ve enjoyed for so long.

During the ride though, my lungs really suffered from the years of dedicated smoking. There were a couple of days when I thought I would have to give up; that I would be unable to finish. Even through the last two years of nearly daily riding before the trip to Colorado, I was never able to fully commit to quitting; though I did try. The struggle I had during the ride helped to convince me that, should I ever hope to do another long distance tour, I would need to give up the smokes.

My biggest dilemma, my real reason for not being able to give it up over the years has been, are you ready for this?, I love the taste. Sure I’m an addict. I admit that freely. Experts even say smoking is harder to quit than heroin. But I’m not sure the nicotine addiction is the biggest hurdle I must overcome. Whenever I’ve tried to quit in the past I do fine for two or three days, but then my taste buds crave the taste so powerfully that I simply can’t maintain. Pretty sick, huh?

So, besides the expense and the reduced lung capacity for riding, I need more, and more overwhelming, reasons to inspire me to quit. I’m serious about this, but I’m also serious that reasons like “you’ll get cancer,” or “you might have a heart attack,” aren’t enough. If I haven’t died from smoking yet, I probably never will.

My heart is strong; my blood pressure is absolutely perfect; my lung capacity, considering, is good. I need something else; something more to convince me that the thing I want to do is worth the struggle; for, believe me, it will be a struggle. It will be tortuous. It will be even more difficult than the ride, which is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

So, I am asking for your help. Throw it all at me and let’s see what works; if anything. I have nothing to lose by asking, as you have nothing to lose by offering. Maybe, together, we can figure out a way for me to kick this disgusting, and oh so tasty, habit of mine.



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