What is Creative Writing?

1 08 2014

The past two weeks have been extremely busy around here, as I worked more 10 hour days than not; creating fresh copy for a variety of clients, while also working hard to develop a new product to sell to a fairly narrow niche client base. My point in explaining this is two-fold: to explain why I’ve posted next to nothing here, and to share an idea I had recently about “creative writing.”

First, I’ve posted next to nothing here because I’ve been very busy. (There, I said I’d explain that, right? DONE.)

Next, it occurred to me recently (as it has many times before) that the phrases “Creative Writing” and “Creative Writer” are applied by most, and almost exclusively, to fiction and writers of fiction. On one hand I can understand this, I suppose. Fiction writers and/or novelists are definitely creative, even going so far as to create whole worlds from nothing but their imaginations; peopled with characters we will never meet in the real world.

The “Harry Potter” series jumps most quickly to mind, though “The Sword of Truth” series and “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones” are not far behind. These series’ of books were, and are, stunningly creative and exceedingly entertaining. I could name many others, but these will do for now. I find myself envious of the authors, JK Rowling, Terry Goodkind, and George RR Martin for the creativity and inventiveness they display, as well as the sheer talent for expressing themselves through the written word. Not to mention the perseverance required to create such massive works. BRAVO!

And yet, I find myself compelled to argue that what I now do for a living is also creative writing and, though the writing I do is most certainly not fiction, to defend it as such. Need proof? How about this for an example?

Non-fiction writing is creative writing too

Imagine yourself sitting down every week to write two pieces of about 500 words each on a single subject, say coping with stress, for a particular client – the same client and the same subject every week – for FOUR YEARS. That equates to 104 blog posts and articles per year, and 416 of them over four years. That is also some 52,000 words per year, and more than 200,000 words in four years – all devoted to a single subject – coping with stress – for a single client. This implies a regular audience who have seen most of what you’ve written over those four years, so your writing had better not be repetitive. You must find a new approach to the subject every week, every month, and every year.

Would this require creativity? If you did that, would you call yourself a Creative Writer?

Well, that is what I do nearly every day. I try to creatively describe what it is that my clients do, or value, or wish to promote, in clearly defined, well-written terms that allow their readers to appreciate more fully the things the client has to offer. I educate and illustrate; I explain and proclaim; I praise and promote – all in my clients’ name – and in my clients’ voice. Is this “Creative Writing”?

My clients include medical doctors; psychologists and psychiatrists; therapists and counselors; health coaches, nutrition coaches, fitness coaches and business coaches; attorneys and realtors; website designers, screen printers, and IT support companies. I write about coping with stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, the loss of a child, the loss of a parent, and divorce. I write about feet: healthy and unhealthy feet, and about how to maintain healthy feet or how to repair damaged feet. I write about weight loss and dieting; about dieting fads and scams; about healthy nutrition and juicing for health, as well as exercise and healthy living. Can anyone deny that what I do qualifies me as a “Creative Writer”?

Hey, I even write about writing: website copywriting, sales copywriting, writing for SEO, article writing and blog writing, eBook writing and eBook ghostwriting. Do these fulfill the definition of “being creative”?

It may be simply a matter of semantics to most but, to a writer who must use all of his creative power to continue making a single subject interesting, informative, and original on a regular basis and over time, it is far more than a semantic argument. In fact, it’s the very essence of what that writer does, how he views himself, and how he values his work. I may not be a Creative Writer (with caps), but what I do is most definitely creative writing (lower case).

A Testimonial from a New Client

11 04 2014

I received this note in an email from a new client last week. We just began working together, after a few email queries and a phone consult. The first writing I did for her was a blog post on self-esteem. I was pretty happy with what I wrote, but she seemed ecstatic with it. I really enjoy it when my clients are happy with my work.

I already posted it at my SEO Writer Pro website, but felt like I had to share it here too…

“Hi Richard – What an awesome job you did! I [made a copy of your draft] thinking that I would be making changes, but there is nothing that needs changing. I had my husband read it to gauge a non-therapists/average person reaction. He thought it was great, and said he thinks it’s the best thing on my website. Can’t tell you how pleased I am and happy that I found you. I put off doing this for a long time, primarily because I worried that someone who is not a therapist would not be able to write something I could use. I’ve always thought of blogs as superficial fluff but this actually is informative and helpful. Part of my struggle is that, having been a therapist for 20+ years, I tend to just assume that everyone knows this stuff. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Really hopeful that this will help with the Google Gods and getting new clients.” ~ BF, Licensed Psychotherapist

There are No Random Acts of Violence

4 04 2014

No human being has ever contemplated or taken a random action. Only nature is random. Human beings are at all times willful, while nature is not. Human action may be arbitrary, of course, but their actions may never be random.

Therefore, there can be no “random acts of violence,” or “random acts of kindness” either for that matter, when human beings take action – in any situation and under any circumstances.

Randomness implies a lack of conscious will, not simply a disregard for outcome. It also implies a lack of responsibility for outcome. However, an arbitrary action is a conscious act of will that is indifferent to the results of the action taken, yet the actor remains responsible for the result.

Words have meaning

The “gang banger” who fires a gun into a crowd without regard to whom the bullet hits has not committed a random act, and neither has the “do-gooder” who chooses a homeless man and buys him lunch. These actions are arbitrary, for the target of the action could easily have been different. The person taking action was indifferent to the identity of the individual involved, and cared only that the action affected someone – not anyone in particular.

However, in both cases, a conscious choice was made. It was a choice to take action. A will was involved. A predictable outcome could be foreseen for both choices, and alternatives could have been chosen. For good or ill, both actors are responsible for the choices made, and the results which followed. In one case positive, in the other negative.

When one applies the word “random” to human action, one relieves the actor of responsibility for the choices being made, which is morally reprehensible. In the case of harmful action, is just as condemnable as the action being taken without regard to the effects of that action.

Therefore, there are no random acts of violence, or of kindness.


Working hard, or hardly working?

8 11 2011

Been working my tail off for the last month to get the new website up and running: creating content, adding products, refining the look, and making it appealing to the search engines, as well as the readers. Oh, and doing a few jobs for clients.

I sure would appreciate it if a few of you would take a look over there and tell me what you think…just click on the logo above to be transported!


Here we go again…

2 10 2011

Hey all, it’s been a little crazy around here as we put together another new home-based business.

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Since I’ve been doing so much article writing lately, and since we’re on the cusp of much cooler weather which makes working on bikes bone-chillingly uncomfortable, I’ve decided to offer my writing services to others via a new medium; a brand new website.

So, if you or anyone you know might be in need of help generating content for a blog or website, especially an online marketing website, just click or share this link to SEO Writer Pro, and you’ll find affordable SEO article writing one more click away.


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