“Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling” FREE at Kindle Store

3 01 2013

Hey everyone, and anyone who doesn’t read either of the other blogs, we’re giving away our cycling eBook again over at Mile-Hi Cycle Guy. All you have to do is click on this link, Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling,”  and it will take you to the Amazon Kindle Store where you can download a free copy of the eBook.

The free download is only available for three days, from January 2nd through January 4th.

Helpful information for New and Returning Cyclists in this FREE Cycling eBook

If you or someone you know received a new bike for Christmas, this little book will be a big help to them – especially if they are new to cycling, or returning to cycling after a long time away from a bike. I wish I’d had a book with the information that this one has when I returned to cycling 4 1/2 years ago. I would have made many fewer mistakes with the choices I made at the time!

cycling ebook for kindle

Since we just transitioned into a New Year, it seemed like the perfect time to offer the book for free again, like we did last summer. I mean, how many people, kids and adults alike, get new bikes for Christmas? This eBook makes a perfect complement to a new bike, especially when it’s FREE!

So, if you know anyone who likes free stuff, tell them about this. Even if they don’t actually ride, they may be thinking about starting and they very likely know someone who does ride. We want to give these books to everyone we can!


Free Cycling eBook Promo is Going Great!

25 08 2012

Yesterday was quite a day, what with the Great Kindle eBook Experiment under way.

This is the first time we’ve tried this and the numbers are gratifying. The book, Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling, went from a ranking of #4375 yesterday morning, to #691 this morning – that is out of more than 50,000 free Kindle eBooks at Amazon! And, we remain #1 in the Cycling category.

For an obscure little cycling book, in such a specialized category, by an unkown author – ME – that sounds pretty good. Don’t you agree?

To the more than 300 folks who’ve downloaded our little book – Thank You. We very much appreciate your interest. If you would be so kind, after you’ve read the book, please return to the Kindle store and write a review.We live for feedback.

Here is a little taste of the book…

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Bicycle

Riding a bike is a great way to spend time with family or friends, or to get to work, or run errands, while at the same time getting some great exercise. Why doesn’t everyone ride a bicycle nowadays? For one, they are intimidated when it comes time to buy a bicycle. Here are five helpful tips for choosing the perfect bike for you.

Where will you be riding your bike? This question gets the ball rolling. There are bike shops, fitness stores and department stores all carrying bikes, but just a few main types of bikes: mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and cruiser bikes. How often you will ride and the route you choose determines the best type of bicycle for you.

How tall are you? This factor is important because a short person doesn’t want to have a bike that will cause them to hit the crossbar, or top tube, every time they try to stop the bike. A bike that is the wrong size for you can mean cramped legs and sore knees or stretched muscles. For the answer to this question, you’ll actually have to sit on a bike, or at least stand over one, to check for clearance.

Ride a bike. Don’t let the first bike you ride be the one you purchase from the store. Try different models and types or, ask a bike riding friend to borrow their bike to “test drive,” in advance. Most bike shops will also rent you a bike. Try a couple of different types, if you like, to see how they handle and feel.

Buy the best bike you can afford the first time. In a recession especially, people have the tendency to stay on the cheap side. However, there are some things that don’t pair well with “cheap.” A bike and a car fall into that category. You will be riding this bike alone or perhaps with a carrier for your child. You want to know that you can depend on your bike to keep you safe while you ride. You don’t have to spend a thousand bucks to get a good bike, but try to get all the features you need for the best possible price. However, as with most things, you get what you pay for when you buy a bike.

Visit a bike shop for advice. When you want to know something you go to the experts. Those who sell bikes for a living know about bikes. Go to your local bike shop (LBS) first to get sized for a bike, to learn the type of bike you need, and find out all the nuances of bike riding. You might decide not to buy a bike from a specialty shop because of the price, but you will now be armed with the knowledge to choose a bike from another source without feeling as if you’ve been “taken for a ride.”

 There is more to cycling than just riding a bike. That’s the easy part. Choose your bike wisely to get the greatest value and enjoyment for your money.”


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