2 Cycling eBooks on Sale – Just 99¢ Each

6 06 2014

Beginning today, June 6th, and for a limited time, both of my cycling eBooks are on sale for just 99¢ each at the Amazon Kindle Store.

Regular Price: $2.99 Now just 99¢ each

Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling at the Kindle Store

Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling #2 at the Kindle Store

Both of these cycling eBooks are packed with valuable information that will help the beginning or returning cyclist with the choice of the right bike, how to save money when buying a bike, making sure your bike fits you, essential equipment and accessories, bike maintenance, where to ride safely, how to include the family, and so much more.

Praise from readers for “Rediscover #1″…Bicycles Cycling EBook on sale

“The Kindle is great for this information. Everything is practical; Richard Conte doesn’t talk down to beginners with lots of riding jargon and the topics make a good check list for professionals who can forget some things.

This book is about pedal bikes — the machines. The various types of popular bike use are referenced when describing different designs, but there isn’t discussion in depth about those uses — including bike touring, mountain biking, transportation biking exercise biking and everyday, joyous biking. Spinning was a new term to me.” ~ JudyAnn Lorenz, Author, Ozarks Missouri, USA

eBook Sale Price good through June 12th

High praise for “Rediscover #2″…Bicycles Cycling EBook 2 on sale

“This book is full of practical and helpful advice from the best time to purchase a bicycle and get the best deal to upgrades that will help commuters avoid punctures. I enjoyed the information about the tandem and tag-a-long bikes for families.

Highly recommended! I was glad to pick this up during the free GAW. Thanks for making it available!” ~ J. Robideau “Rob” Bhaisipati, Lalitpur, Nepal

Wow, “Rob” is a Top 1000 Reviewer at the Kindle Store, having reviewed 479 books for them, and he’s in Nepal. Gotta’ love this one! Thanks Rob.

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Free Cycling eBook Promo is Going Great!

25 08 2012

Yesterday was quite a day, what with the Great Kindle eBook Experiment under way.

This is the first time we’ve tried this and the numbers are gratifying. The book, Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling, went from a ranking of #4375 yesterday morning, to #691 this morning – that is out of more than 50,000 free Kindle eBooks at Amazon! And, we remain #1 in the Cycling category.

For an obscure little cycling book, in such a specialized category, by an unkown author – ME – that sounds pretty good. Don’t you agree?

To the more than 300 folks who’ve downloaded our little book – Thank You. We very much appreciate your interest. If you would be so kind, after you’ve read the book, please return to the Kindle store and write a review.We live for feedback.

Here is a little taste of the book…

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Bicycle

Riding a bike is a great way to spend time with family or friends, or to get to work, or run errands, while at the same time getting some great exercise. Why doesn’t everyone ride a bicycle nowadays? For one, they are intimidated when it comes time to buy a bicycle. Here are five helpful tips for choosing the perfect bike for you.

Where will you be riding your bike? This question gets the ball rolling. There are bike shops, fitness stores and department stores all carrying bikes, but just a few main types of bikes: mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and cruiser bikes. How often you will ride and the route you choose determines the best type of bicycle for you.

How tall are you? This factor is important because a short person doesn’t want to have a bike that will cause them to hit the crossbar, or top tube, every time they try to stop the bike. A bike that is the wrong size for you can mean cramped legs and sore knees or stretched muscles. For the answer to this question, you’ll actually have to sit on a bike, or at least stand over one, to check for clearance.

Ride a bike. Don’t let the first bike you ride be the one you purchase from the store. Try different models and types or, ask a bike riding friend to borrow their bike to “test drive,” in advance. Most bike shops will also rent you a bike. Try a couple of different types, if you like, to see how they handle and feel.

Buy the best bike you can afford the first time. In a recession especially, people have the tendency to stay on the cheap side. However, there are some things that don’t pair well with “cheap.” A bike and a car fall into that category. You will be riding this bike alone or perhaps with a carrier for your child. You want to know that you can depend on your bike to keep you safe while you ride. You don’t have to spend a thousand bucks to get a good bike, but try to get all the features you need for the best possible price. However, as with most things, you get what you pay for when you buy a bike.

Visit a bike shop for advice. When you want to know something you go to the experts. Those who sell bikes for a living know about bikes. Go to your local bike shop (LBS) first to get sized for a bike, to learn the type of bike you need, and find out all the nuances of bike riding. You might decide not to buy a bike from a specialty shop because of the price, but you will now be armed with the knowledge to choose a bike from another source without feeling as if you’ve been “taken for a ride.”

 There is more to cycling than just riding a bike. That’s the easy part. Choose your bike wisely to get the greatest value and enjoyment for your money.”


Easy Riders Saturday Group Ride

25 06 2011

Just got home from the Easy Rders Group Ride. We had a tough one today. Just 4 miles in one of the kids had a “mechanical.” Mom had to turn back and take her home. Then dad developed a slow leak in a trailer tire, plus a couple of unanticipated pit stops…

Still, we made it out to Cherry Creek Res., did a spin there, and came back. We… did a total of 12.2 miles at a surprising 9.8 mph.

All the kids have geared bikes now, so they did really well and, in spite of some problems, we had a good time.


Easy Riders Group Ride…

11 06 2011

For the last two Saturdays, I have led a group ride for new and returning cyclists in Aurora. We call it the Easy Riders Group. We keep the speed and distance to a manageable level, 8-10 miles at 8-10 mph, so no one feels intimidated.

Anyone can join us – on any type of bike: hybrid, cruiser, mountain, road. I ride my Yukon, the MTB I hybridized and which I rode from Phoenix to Denver last year. It seems like it’s the only time the poor thing gets ridden these days.

Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of shots of today’s group.

Yes, we like having children ride with us. We can teach them some the basics for group riding. Plus, seeing the joy they experience while pedalling under their own power is great fun.

Last week we had four adults and three kids. This week, it was four adults and seven kids – all from the same family. Who knew anyone would try to raise seven children these days?

The Easy Riders Group is one of three groups which have developed among the cyclists in the cycling club we began in late February, The Aurora Bicycling Club (ABC). As of today, we now have 70 members, with three groups of riders based on experience and goals: Epic Riders (more advanced), Fair to Middlin’ (medium difficulty), and the Easy Riders.

We’re all just having fun and meeting new people who share a passion for cycling. Hey, that’s what cycling is all about.



10 06 2011

What a beautiful day for a ride. It was 72 degrees and a bit breezy but, after 18 1/2 miles in about 1 1/4 hrs, I feel really good. Too bad the wind kicked up into the 25 mph range. I may have gone farther.

Had a very busy week with a bunch of service jobs, so it was good to finally get out and ride.

Hope you all get to ride this weekend.


MHCG and weight loss program…

4 06 2011

Hey everyone, check out the new article over on MHCG, entitled “Secret Weight Loss Technique – Bike to Work.”

It explains one of the best reasons to commute by bike; weight loss, smart, rapid weight loss. I wrote it. What do you think?


No level playing field here…

3 06 2011

Had a good wake-up ride this AM, on my commute from the garage to the garage (where we keep our little bike shop). Did 6 1/2 miles in 30 minutes, about 1/2 uphill and 1/2 downhill.

Whatever happened to level ground?



23 05 2011

Took a spin to the bank this morning. It was just six miles but, after yesterday’s 43 mile struggle, I needed to check the old legs. Felt pretty good, actually. I guess that’s why they call it recovery.


Pedaling 140 miles in 3 days, a year ago…

5 04 2011

I did a lot of miles from April 3-5 last year, pedaling 140 miles across the Reservation in northern Arizona, much of it in howling winds of 40-60 mph, and a major dust storm as well.

The wind during this portion of the trip was some of the worst I’ve ever experienced; which is saying something, having lived in Colorado and Arizona for a total of 28 years now. The dust storm on my third day on the Res however, was truly amazing. The dust rose 12,000 feet into the air above me and, because it was at my back, I flew eastward along the highway. Until, that is, the road bent a bit south and the wind shifted a bit east, then I was riding for my life, constantly leaning to my right at about 20 degrees, trying desperately to stay on the shoulder instead of being blown into traffic. 

After 12-15 miles of this struggle, I gave in and stuck out my thumb, hitching a ride into New Mexico, which might have literally saved my life. Have I said this ride was adventurous? At times, it truly was.

April 4, 2010…

Miles and miles of miles and miles…

I did the whole climb

Cycling across the Reservation in northern Arizona, April 2010.

Here are a couple of my audio posts from that adventurous portion of the ride. Wow, the memories are so powerful…

April 5, 2010…

iPadio audio post from Bloomfield, NM… 

Visit http://ipad.io/IBZ to hear my latest ipadio phonecast

April 6, 2010…

iPadio audio post from Bloomfield, NM… 

Visit http://ipad.io/ICz to hear my latest ipadio phonecast

2 Days to go, a year ago…

29 03 2011

The countdown continued a year ago today. I was working hard to get everything done and really wasn’t riding much at all. This was probably a good thing however, even so, my legs were not really getting much rest.

You can’t believe how busy I was at the time. I remember this much, all I wanted to do was finish the work and hit the road. Riding a bike 800 miles simply had to be easier than moving house.


March 29, 2010…


I’m nearly packed for the move now.

I’ve done a much neater job than usual. There are cartons and boxes all over the place. Knowing that I had to pack for the future drive to Denver meant that I had to take more care. Many times in the past, when I was merely packing for a move across town for instance, I would just throw a bunch of junk into a box for ease of carrying, not worrying about transport. This time, I had to bear in mind that my stuff would be in a dusty storage unit for months before I would load it into a truck for the eventual drive to Colorado. This has forced me to be much more organized and careful. This is a good thing, right?

Packing for the ride is also pretty much settled.

I’m a bit worried that I am taking a little too much stuff. My riding clothes are lightweight and easy to pack but, even so, I’ve probably planned on too many pieces. All I really need is one outfit in my bags and one on my body. Trying to pack for all possible contingencies, such as weather and remote locations where it might be difficult to clean things, has forced me to choose more clothing than I might otherwise do. I’m going to play with the packing and unpacking a bit today and make a final decision. I really don’t want to get on the road and feel like I didn’t bring enough, yet I also don’t want to carry anything I don’t really need.

Since this is a “future post” I can’t tell you how the camp out on the floor went last night, but I’ll try to post from my phone later to let you know. I hope I didn’t wake up too sore this morning. lol


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