Top U.S. Cities For Winter Bicycle Commuting…

5 11 2011

I happened to catch this on the Webernet the other day and thought I should share it with you. Winter cycling “can be a daunting task” indeed, especially if you’re not properly prepared for cold weather, not to mention snow.

I’ve spent considerable time riding in the cold and the wet, but not much in snow. In fact, the very thought of snow cycling is kind of scary because…I Don’t Like to Fall Down. Perhaps I should employ some of my own advice and give it a try this winter, even though, working predominantly from home, I don’t get the chance to do much winter bicycle commuting

winter bicycle commuting

Top U.S. Cities For Winter Bicycle Commuting…

“For bicycle commuters, continuing to pedal through the winter months can be a daunting task, especially if one lives in a northern city. Often the decision for winter bicycle commuting comes down to perspective: Is cycling a sport or a viable form of transportation that offers a multitude of advantages such as saving money and improving the health of the cyclist and the environment? In order for bicycling to be respected as sustainable transportation, the surrounding community must be supportive of cyclists year-round. This includes city maintenance of bike lanes and paths during winter as well as supportive bicycle initiatives. It can be done…Here are five cities in the U.S. that are supporting bicycle commuting through the winter.”

Also, another great, inexpensive idea for cycling in snow, and for winter bicycle commuting, is to…

Use Zip-ties as Snow Chains for your Bike…


“No matter how much we swear we’ve learned our lessons, Seattle always seems to get caught by surprise by the snow. There we were, minding our own business with our feet all toasty in our sandals and socks, when the temperature plummeted and it turned into Juneau in January. While this year the City did a much better job than last year at preventing widespread carnage and destruction, we at Dutch Bike Seattle still didn’t bring in studded tires because it never snows in Seattle. Even if we had stocked them, I’m not sure they’d sell because it never snows in Seattle, right?

We found something else, though. Something else entirely.”

People are just so damned clever, aren’t they?


2011 Bianchi Oltre…

29 04 2011

Here are the two newest, top-of-the-line road bikes from Bianchi, The Oltre Super Record and the Oltre Dura Ace (for those on a budget).

Bianchi Oltre Super Record…$10,999.
Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace…$8,999.

My dreams of the ultimate road bike do not reach quite this far, but they sure are fun to look at.


Gearing up a year ago…

24 03 2011

Besides getting ready to move house, one year ago I was also getting ready for The Ride, working on my gear and the bike. Been working on a lot of bikes lately, again.  Here are a couple of posts about my preparations at that time.


March 23, 2010…

Camping out in the dining room…

Kewl!!!  Got the tent today. Set it up in the dining room. Gotta practice set-up in case I need it in a hurry. More importantly–I’ll need to practice knocking it down and packing it, to make sure I can get it back into the carry bag!!!

It’s very roomy inside. I’m going to play around and see if I can get my bike inside too. It will be safer at night if I can. Plus, if I run into bad weather, I’ll want to keep it inside.


March 24, 2010…

Almost loaded…

Getting really close on the loading

The stem riser came today so I was able to raise my handlebar and figure out how to hang the tent; that is the grey thing hanging below the handlebar. At the rear I have my sleeping bag (blue), with a trunk bag full of miscellaneous items beneath that, strapped to the rack. Hanging from each side of the rack are my panniers (wish they were larger), in which I will carry all of my clothing.

Pretty compact for a possible three weeks of travel, eh?


Happy Birthday to Blog…

13 03 2011

One year ago today I began writing this blog, to document The Ride from Phoenix to Denver. At the insistence of Andi and Brandy, and with Andi doing virtually all the work to get me up-and-running, I began to explain my reasons, my preparations, and my actions for doing The Ride. This week, I’ll be doing a bit of reminiscing about the first days of the blog, and of The Ride. I hope I’m not being self-indulgent here but, it just seems like the appropriate thing to do.

May 2010

In the year since this blog began, I have published 239 posts and have received 204 comments (with 421 spam comments received…lol). Many of these were audio comments, from my cheap-ass phone, which I posted during The Ride. The audio posts were very popular. In fact, the busiest day we’ve ever had here was April first last year, my second day on the road. That day, I put up two audio posts, Andi posted a poll, and I also put up a quick text post. It was a very busy day here.

Riding into Colorado...April 7, 2010

Since then, I’ve tried to keep it interesting and we continue to have good traffic–when I actually do post something. So, I’ll try to “keep it real,” and we’ll just see where we go. Thanks for viewing, and thanks for your support.

Getting started was a bit confusing for me, since I’d never done this before, so…here we go.

From March 13, 2010…

Well…What do you know? I actually have a blog!!! Hope I have something worthwhile to say.

I also deleted my first posting.

Soooo…the main reason for doing this is to chronicle my upcoming 800 mile bicycle ride from Phoenix, AZ, to Denver, CO. I’m moving back after nine years in the desert and I figured I would make the move on my bike. On this blog I hope to detail my preparations; explain why it must be done on a shoestring budget; why the idea appeals to me; and a few other insights, as well as actually chronicling the ride.

I have no idea how regularly I’ll be able to do this but we will see, won’t we?

Please feel free to comment in any way. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also from March 13…

Well…What do you know? I actually have a blog. I just hope I’ll have something worthwhile to say, you know?

The main reason for beginning this blog is to chronicle my first-ever bicycle tour. At the end of this month, I’ll be moving back to Denver, CO, from Phoenix, AZ; making the trip by bicycle. If it doesn’t kill me, it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Since this is my first post, I’ll keep it short. I need to get in touch with a friend who is expert at this stuff so she can help me link to other sites and make it possible to blog from the road, by phone, during the trip.

In the near future I’ll begin explaining my reasons for doing this; will chronicle the preparations; will explain why It’s being done on a shoestring budget; and many other things I hope will be of interest.

Please feel free to comment in any way.

Bye now…

One more from March 13…

I found my original post, which I thought I had accidentally deleted. Brought it back and, even though these are a bit redundant, thought I’d leave ’em both up.


Exclusive offer…FREE eBook on Bicycles and Cycling…

13 02 2011

Good morning one and all.

We’ve just created an exciting offer – EXCLUSIVE – to fans of our Mile-Hi Cycle Guy Facebook Page. For anyone who is kind enough to “Like” the MHCG page on FB, you will receive a free downloadable 13 page excerpt from our new eBook, “Bicycles and Cycling, Everything You Need to Know to Begin Riding, and Enjoying, a Bike.”

OMG…I wrote a book!

All you have to do is click here, to receive the link: WOW…That’s a big one!!!

OMG…I REALLY wrote a book!!!

However, if you would rather get the whole book – sure, there’s more – you can use this link to buy the entire 24 page epic, for only 5 bucks, at: Oh my, we have a store!!!

After reading our new eBook, you will have the knowledge required to experience safe, productive, enjoyable cycling, because of your introduction to all of these topics:

Free Excerpt Contains 

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Bicycle

Cycling for Exercise

Types of Bicycles

Full eBook also Contains

Bicycle Necessities: 5 Must-Haves for Enjoyable Cycling

Bicycle Necessities: 5 Should-Haves for Enjoyable Cycling

Bike Accessories: 5 Cool Gadgets for the Road or Trails

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Parts of a bike frame

Parts of a complete bike

Choosing a Bicycle Seat/Saddle

8 Ways to Practice Safe Cycling

Taking Care of Your Bike: Bike Maintenance

Spinning: Stationary Cycling for Fitness

Weights Training for Cyclists: Increased Performance

If you’re unsure about buying a book from someone you’ve never read before or, if you just enjoy getting free stuff, just “like” us on Facebook to get the Free 13 page excerpt first. It only takes a couple of clicks of your mouse – then, tell us what you think.

Hope you like it,


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