Top U.S. Cities For Winter Bicycle Commuting…

5 11 2011

I happened to catch this on the Webernet the other day and thought I should share it with you. Winter cycling “can be a daunting task” indeed, especially if you’re not properly prepared for cold weather, not to mention snow.

I’ve spent considerable time riding in the cold and the wet, but not much in snow. In fact, the very thought of snow cycling is kind of scary because…I Don’t Like to Fall Down. Perhaps I should employ some of my own advice and give it a try this winter, even though, working predominantly from home, I don’t get the chance to do much winter bicycle commuting

winter bicycle commuting

Top U.S. Cities For Winter Bicycle Commuting…

“For bicycle commuters, continuing to pedal through the winter months can be a daunting task, especially if one lives in a northern city. Often the decision for winter bicycle commuting comes down to perspective: Is cycling a sport or a viable form of transportation that offers a multitude of advantages such as saving money and improving the health of the cyclist and the environment? In order for bicycling to be respected as sustainable transportation, the surrounding community must be supportive of cyclists year-round. This includes city maintenance of bike lanes and paths during winter as well as supportive bicycle initiatives. It can be done…Here are five cities in the U.S. that are supporting bicycle commuting through the winter.”

Also, another great, inexpensive idea for cycling in snow, and for winter bicycle commuting, is to…

Use Zip-ties as Snow Chains for your Bike…


“No matter how much we swear we’ve learned our lessons, Seattle always seems to get caught by surprise by the snow. There we were, minding our own business with our feet all toasty in our sandals and socks, when the temperature plummeted and it turned into Juneau in January. While this year the City did a much better job than last year at preventing widespread carnage and destruction, we at Dutch Bike Seattle still didn’t bring in studded tires because it never snows in Seattle. Even if we had stocked them, I’m not sure they’d sell because it never snows in Seattle, right?

We found something else, though. Something else entirely.”

People are just so damned clever, aren’t they?


No rides for you!!!

8 10 2011

Our little bike spin last Sunday took place under sunny skies in 85° weather. Today it is not quite as nice…with clouds and a rain/snow mix, and just 37°.

I know it isn’t winter yet but it sure feels “wintery” today. Yuck…


Need to ride…

27 01 2011

Wow…forecast for today is high 50’s to low 60’s. Yes, we may hit SIXTY today…in January! Woo-Hoo!!!

I rode a bit yesterday and, with temps in the 50’s, it wasn’t bad. However, I’m putting on some weight due to the lack of riding, so I need to spend at least a couple of hours turning the cranks today.

Tomorrow could be even warmer, so it looks like I’l be out there as much as possible for the next two days.

Gotta go…

Other choices…

9 01 2011

In answer to some questions I’ve received, here are a few other choices which could be made for cold weather cycling.

Pearl Izumi Lobster Claw...$60

Outdoor Research Meteor Glove...$35

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Wind Glove...$45

Outdoor Research Meteor Glove...$60

Some of the better websites to check for products like these would;;;
Just remember, first and foremost, you must think…closeout, CLOSEOUT, CLOSEOUT!

Layers, Layers, Layers…

9 01 2011

It’s amazing what a person will do, when feeling the need to ride, even in cold weather.

My typical riding outfit would look something like this…


Pearl Izumi Quest Jersey
Pearl Izumi Slice Short
Pearl Izumi SPD Shoes



However, since moving to Colorado, I’ve had to add a few items to my riding outfit to protect my self from the cold weather…

Champion C9 Tee as base layer

Under Armor Cold Gear leggings

Under Armor Cold Gear 1/4 zip

Pear Izumi Quest Thermal Bib Knicker



Starter Wind Tech

Gore Wear Windstopper


Pearl Izumi Toe Covers




And for even colder days, I add more, or heavier, layers…

Starter Wind Tech

Chaps Insulated

Endura Midweight

Heated Balaclava


Now, some of these items can be very expensive while, by shopping carefully, one can save money by finding replacements for cycling-specific gear by shopping at the large discount stores. Plus, I never pay retail for anything. If it isn’t on sale, or beter, on closeout, I just ain’t gonna buy it. Retail on all this stuff would be near $1000, but I did not pay anywhere near that. Plus, some things, like shoes, and shorts or bibs, you really shouldn’t skimp on. Just look for deals…especially CLOSEOUTS. Last year’s style can be 1/4 to 1/3 of this year’s style. If you’re not a bike snob, who cares?

The key to riding in cold weather is, of course, to wear enough layers to keep yourself warm, while not impinging freedom of movement. Layering the legs seems redundant, I know; figuring they’ll keep themselves warm with all the work they get. However, if they can’t GET warm, they can’t STAY warm. So, layer up and, if you need to, remove them later, as needed.


Weather report…again…

17 12 2010

Woke to 12 degrees with light snow this morning. Will probably be the only snow we see before Christmas. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me too much. Riding in snow doesn’t sound like much fun…yet. Maybe next year?


Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Phoenix anymore…

29 11 2010

We’ve recently gone from Fall to Winter riding here in Colorado. It’s not something I was looking forward to doing, believe me; because it has gotten COOOOOOOLD!

I really would not have believed how much I could miss riding in 100 degree temps in Phoenix. Having begun this riding thing there, in the heat, I was used to doing so. I have to say, trying to ride in the cold is truly daunting, and more difficult.

Today’s pics are from a little spin around the street in front of the house; just to see what riding in snow is actually like. There was also ice involved, which was tons of fun. I have to discover which tires are best for this type of riding. Hey, do you think they could help with the damn wind? Whew, that wind really makes things frigid!

Well, I guess this is simply another challenge to overcome, right?

Fall in Colorado, Oct 28

Nov 9, first snow

Nov 9, first snow

Nov 15, pre-storm sky

Riding in snow 3, Nov 29

Riding in snow 2, Nov 29

Riding in snow 1, Nov 29

Cool weather has arrived…

28 10 2010

Well, so it’s here. The cool weather I’ve been dreading has arrived. It can be beautiful in the fall in Colorado. Some days look perfect for a ride. However, though it was beautiful Tuesday, as shown in the pictures below, I think riding when temps are in the 40’s, with winds in the 30’s, is not so great.

Fall in Denver

Fall in Denver 2

But then we have today…a truly beautiful day for riding. High 50’s to low 60’s, a gentle breeze…and views like these:

Fall riding 1

(click on the pix for a close-up view)

Fall riding 2

(Click on the pix for a close-up view)

I was just a couple of miles southeast of home when I stopped to check out his panoramic view to the west. I wish the pictures were better, but the newly snow-capped peaks are truly stunning. Are 25 degree mornings too high a price to pay for views such as this?

Not sure yet, but I’ll let you know.


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