A unique experience…

12 07 2011

I had a truly unique experience on Sunday as I met a fellow bike blogger. Kelly Carlisle, who writes the blog Ride Bikes, Drink Coffee, was visiting Colorado with his family.

He wanted to meet before leaving town, so…we got together at Starbucks, of course.

We live a thousand miles from each other and had never met before this but, we sat down and began chatting as if we’d known each other for years. Of course, we’ve been reading each other’s blog for more than a year so, in reality, we did know each other even before we met in person. It constantly amazes me how cycling, the Internet, and blogging can bring folks, who would otherwise be and remain strangers, together.

Kelly is an articulate, insightful blogger, with an undisguised love for cycling – and coffee. His writing and photography of Salem and its environs are truly inspiring. He is a family man who cares for people and is willing to share his insights and loves with others. It was a true pleasure meeting someone with whom I’ve only “spoken” through the Internet prior to this moment.

I’ve received some high praise from Kelly in the past, for accomplishing The Ride from Phoenix to Denver, as well as for blogging about it as I did so. I can only return the compliment and thank him for being so generous.

Thank you Kelly, for taking the time from your trip and your family to meet with an old cyclist like me. I surely hope to return the favor one of these days and visit you in Oregon.





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18 07 2011

Happy Birthday Richard! Keep on ridin’ and bloggin – always inspiring and a great read. (My net access at home has been broken the past few days, so this, from my office, is the only way I could send you a message today.) Enjoy today and many, many more happy birthdays!

18 07 2011

Thanks Tex. It’s always good to hear from you. And…thanks for reading the blog.

2 09 2011
Kelly Carlisle

Richard, it was so great meeting you this summer! I’ve had to step away from my blogging life for a while because of so many other things going on (all of them good things, just time-consuming). But I do intend to write soon about meeting you in person. I have such admiration for your endeavors: riding, writing, advocacy, humor, invitation…you’re extremely talented. I’m glad to have met you in person and look forward to many more interactions! By all means, get to Oregon sometime so I can show you some more great roads. And good coffee.

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